About Us: Logictech Solutions

Logictech Solutions

enjoys a presence of more than

30 years in the Information technology industry
, specializing in multiple facets of this ever changing industry our presence can be felt in the areas of ITES as well as providing IT solutions in the form of business applications encompassing fields like taxation, HR, finance etc... through our
ISV avatar

We enjoy our collaborations with our various industry partners which enable us to provide a broad spectrum of solutions to our customer base, to this end we have a strong and long standing association of more than

20 Years with Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd
(Creators of Tally Software) as a result of which we enjoy the experience and expertise of serving more than
30K satisfied customers
who use Tally as a primary solution for their financial accounting needs and add power to the same vanilla Tally using our developed customized solutions for Tally which is a result of our being the Oldest Tally Integrators and implementers in North India.

No what is mentioned above is not the whole of our existence, we have a very driven and geeky R&D arm which fuels our ISV avatar by providing shrink wrapped solutions to the Indian businesses encompassing areas of HR & Taxation with products like

add to this our customized solution development activity which enables us to provide quality solutions at large.

About Logictech Solutions