In today’s business landscape, it is crucial to stay on top of operational matters, especially where finances are concerned. Precision, accuracy, and control are the linchpins of successful financial management. At Logictech, we understand the importance of these factors, which is why we offer the Voucher Approval Control – a Tally add-on designed to reinforce your financial control systems. This add-on not only enhances the approval process for vouchers in Tally and Tally Prime, but also ensures every transaction is accurate and validated.

What is Voucher Approval Control?

The Voucher Approval Control is a crucial Tally add-on that brings a new level of control and verification to your tally transaction vouchers. By incorporating an administrator-approved process for each voucher, it ensures only verified entries affect your books of accounts. In addition, it offers the capability to assign various voucher types to different approval authorities with specified approval limits, thus fostering a transparent, accountable, and secure financial environment.


How Does Voucher Approval Control Work?

After integrating the Voucher Approval Control add-on, every voucher created needs to undergo a defined approval process. The system facilitates transaction checking before the voucher approval process, ensuring utmost accuracy. Unapproved vouchers won't impact your financial records, thereby reducing the risk of discrepancies.

Key Features of Voucher Approval Control in Tally

The Excel to Tally Data Import Utility offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Value-Based Transaction Approval: Administrators can set approval limits for users. Transactions will be verified and authorized according to these limits.
  • Mandatory Remarks: Each stage of voucher approval requires remarks for clarification and transparency.
  • Revision of Transactions: Vouchers under approval can be sent back for revision to the verifier and creator.
  • Authorization Dashboard: Provides visibility to the creator, verifier, and authorizer of transactions.
  • Transaction Status Report: Users can check the status of the transactions they have created or verified.
  • Bulk Authorization: Enables authorizing multiple transactions simultaneously.
  • Rejected Transactions: Unnecessary transactions can be rejected by the verifier or authorizer.

Why Use Voucher Approval Control?

The benefits of using Voucher Approval Control in Tally are plentiful:

  • Improved Financial Control: It offers enhanced control over your financial transactions, ensuring that only verified entries are posted to your accounts.
  • Increased Accuracy: The approval process helps identify and rectify errors, boosting the accuracy of your financial data.
  • Better Compliance: It assists in fulfilling both internal and external auditing requirements.
  • Enhanced Transparency: The approval process fosters transparency and accountability within your financial team.

Why Choose Logictech for Voucher Approval Control?

At Logictech, we specialize in offering reliable, efficient, and customized Tally add-ons. Our Voucher Approval Control add-on is designed to augment your financial control systems seamlessly. You'll benefit from our expertise, top-notch customer support, and continuous software updates.

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