In today's digital age, data security is paramount for any business. Logictech's Security Pack Module offers an easy and efficient way to secure your accounting and inventory data within Tally. Seamlessly integrated into Tally Prime Security Control, our module provides robust features that allow you to manage user access, define rights, and much more. Discover how our Security Control in Tally can help you safeguard your valuable data.

Experience the Robustness of Logictech

Logictech's Security Pack Modules in Tally are designed to provide comprehensive Data Security Control in Tally. From managing user-wise access to viewing the history of voucher alterations, our module is tailored to meet the security needs of your organization.

Key Features of the Security Pack Module:

  1. Manage Security for Data: Take control of your accounting and inventory data with features that allow you to manage security effectively.
  2. User-Wise Access Control: Define who has access to vouchers, godowns, groups, ledgers, cost centers, and stock items, aligning with your Tally Security Control requirements.
  3. Customizable User Rights: Tailor the user rights according to your organizational structure, enhancing the Security Control Module in Tally.ERP 9.
  4. Authorization Procedure: Specify the authorization procedures to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data.
  5. Voucher History Tools: View and manage the history of voucher alterations and deletions, and remove that history as needed.
  6. User-Wise Alerts and Controls: Define alerts and controls on a user-wise basis, adding an extra layer of security.
Security Pack Module

Why Choose Logictech's Security Pack Module?

  • Experience and Expertise: With a rich history in Tally solutions, Logictech ensures that every feature, from Security Control in Tally Prime to user-wise alerts, is flawlessly executed.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our Security Pack Module is designed to cater to your unique business needs, ensuring that your data is secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.
  • Dedicated Support: Logictech is committed to your success. Our support team ensures smooth operations and prompt resolutions to any challenges.

Experience the Power of Enhanced Security

By choosing Logictech's Security Pack Module, you're investing in a robust solution that not only streamlines your data management but also ensures top-notch security. With features ranging from Security Control in Tally to user-wise alerts, our module is a game-changer.

Secure Your Data Today

Don't leave your valuable data vulnerable. Invest in Logictech's Security Pack Module and experience the peace of mind that comes with robust data security. Trust in Logictech, a leader in Tally solutions, and ensure that your data is in safe hands. Contact us today to learn more about how our advanced module can protect your valuable data.