Connect21 is the best solution for Remote Access and Web Portal for those looking for reliable remote desktop software for Tally. It allows you to access Tally from remote locations without any issues. It is equally versatile whether you need Tally remote access in mobile or remote desktop connection, giving you fast and efficient, even if you are using a high-latency connection.

Why Choose Connect21 for Your Tally Remote Access

Some of the benefits that come with using Connect21 as your Tally remote access software include:

  • Lowest-cost Citrix/RDS product available on all operating systems from XP to Windows 10 and Server 2003 to 2016
  • No requirement for Terminal Service CALs. No need for Terminal Service (Remote Desktop Services) license manager
  • Low cost, high value, and excellent performance in an easy-to-use solution
  • Support of 32-bit colors, dual-screen, bi-directional sound, USB devices and much more
  • Enhanced AdminTool simplifies the server management process
  • Advanced Application Control by user and/or by group
  • Fast file transfer between the user PC and the Connect21 server
  • Extended remote printing capabilities made possible by our Universal Printer
  • Load balancing and failover for an unlimited number of servers within one farm
  • Secured server communication (Hide server drives, RDP firewall, encryption…)
  • Seamless Application Publishing and Remote APP (such as Citrix or MS RDS)
  • Internet Web Access using IE, Opera, Netscape, Filezilla…
  • Secured Web Access with port forwarding over HTTP and HTTPS
  • Gateway Portal to connect to multiple servers
  • HTML5 client enabling connection from IPAD and Android tablets

Need More Info? Talk to Our Team Today

If you're looking for an easy, plug-and-play solution to Web-enable or publish your applications, then the logical choice is Connect21. Freeing you from the complexities of Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Connect21 provides a fast, simple and affordable solution that can seamlessly integrate with your cloud infrastructure. It is the go-to solution whether you need Tally single-user or multi-user remote access. Connect21 technology can improve the performance of your Accounting and Retail Manager, Tally and other applications up to 10 times faster. Talk to us today to get more information on remote Tally prime access, price, and setup. Call +(91)-(120)-4515000 or Mobile: 9871916565. You can also email