Tally Integration Solutions

Logictech specializes in providing Tally integration solutions that are designed to ensure that your existing investment in the current software (ERP, & Other Enterprise Systems) remain intact by seamlessly integrating information with new systems, technologies and custom applications within the enterprise,as well as with companies who you do business with.

To meet the challenges of the new business environment, information systems need to communicate with each other as seamlessly as possible, provide real-time visibility of transactions across the entire enterprise and be flexible enough to accommodate the changing structure of the business. When more and more information needs to be shared across traditional business boundaries, the way you integrate your systems and processes is rapidly becoming one of the most important priorities in business today. Tally Integration is possible with any third party software's, web, mobile, excel, application(s) written in .net, java, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL and any other popular language can be integrated to Tally.ERP 9.

Tally Integration Solutions
By Reducing 'Data Input Duplication', you not only save costs in administration functions but also eliminate the possibility of human errors .Automation of business processes that previously depended on manual data transfers between systems .Real-time consolidation of data from various systems for centralized reporting.
  • Punching of Sales orders based on orders punched on an e-com website
  • Updating an e-com warehouse with item(s), item classification(s) and item quantity(s) from Tally.
  • Price List to website
  • Scheduled Data Backups & Uploads to remote servers
  • Scheduled Data Transfer(s) to & from Tally.
  • Upload of Data from Excel/CSV files generated by third party software(s) into Tally
  • Integrating Tally with various Open Source E-COM Platforms like prestashop,magneto
  • Generation of Digitally Signed PDF Invoices From Tally & e-mailing in real Time
  • Goods dispatched LR Number and Date , courier details updated in Tally
  • Automatic SMS and email from Excel
  • Master & transactions from one company into multiple companies.
  • Integration Solutions required to be deployed on non-windows Operating Systems like linux,Mac OS X,Solaris etc.
  • Excel file is emailed and converted to Sales Order
  • Principal places Purchase Order that is converted to Sales Order at partner
  • Auto generation of PO from SO (Back to Back)
  • Auto generation Monthly bill & mailing to customers