Every modern-day organization uses a number of applications for different operating functions, mostly relying on Tally for accounting and inventory data management, from which stems the need for the applications to work together seamlessly with the Tally software. That’s where we step in. A leading provider of Tally integration services, Logictech has proven expertise in integrating Tally with all your business applications, that too in record timelines. We understand that some businesses need highlights and functionality that are not part of the default software. The good news is, Tally comes with many properties that allow integration with other business applications, for which the required APIs are used. The APIs available in Tally include XML, ODBC, and DLL. As your business solutions partner, we make use of all possible avenues to help your teams work in more effective ways and take organizational efficiency to the next level.

Why Invest in Tally Integration

Our Tally integration services help you in meeting the evolving challenges of your business, allowing your business applications to easily communicate with each other, and provide real-time visibility of transactions across the organization, while providing ample flexibility to accommodate the evolving dynamics of your business. Tally integration can be indispensable for many growing organizations that require more information to be shared across legacy solutions in order to gain a competitive edge. Tally integration can also be done with web applications, mobile, Excel, legacy information systems and even third-party software. With the help of XML, we can integrate any application in PHP, Java, .net, SQL and others with Tally, and also provide web services and API tools for Tally integration.

Tally Integration Solutions | Logictech

The Benefits of Tally Integration

Every growing organization requires its information systems to seamlessly communicate with each other, often to meet the challenges of a new business environment. In fact, it would be safe to say that the way information systems and processes are integrated is one of the top priorities in today’s organizations. When you choose Logictech, you can leave all your Tally integration worries to us. Here’s a quick snapshot of the benefits you can expect from our Tally integration services:

  • Reduce the cost of administrative functions
  • Eliminate the probability of human errors
  • Decrease duplication of data inputs
  • Automate business processes with high accuracy and safety
  • Real-time data consolidation from different sources
  • Easy centralized reporting

Our Expertise

Committed to be a one-stop destination for all conceivable Tally integration requirements, Logictech has all-round expertise in the field, which enables us to deliver unparalleled outcomes for our clients. Our Tally integration capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Tally API Integration
  • Tally Zoho Integration
  • Tally WhatsApp Integration
  • Tally Shopify Integration
  • Tally Amazon Integration
  • Tally ecommerce Integration

Let’s Discuss Your Requirement

If you are looking for a Tally integration services provider with proven expertise in the domain, look no further than Logictech. Since our inception, we have successfully completed a diverse array of Tally integration projects, delivering unmatched value to our clients. To learn more about our Tally integration services or to discuss your requirements, simply call +91-120-4515000 or +91-987191-6565. Alternatively, you can write to us at info@logictech.in or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

By Reducing 'Data Input Duplication', you not only save costs in administration functions but also eliminate the possibility of human errors .Automation of business processes that previously depended on manual data transfers between systems .Real-time consolidation of data from various systems for centralized reporting.
  • Punching of Sales orders based on orders punched on an e-com website
  • Updating an e-com warehouse with item(s), item classification(s) and item quantity(s) from Tally.
  • Price List to website
  • Scheduled Data Backups & Uploads to remote servers
  • Scheduled Data Transfer(s) to & from Tally.
  • Upload of Data from Excel/CSV files generated by third party software(s) into Tally
  • Integrating Tally with various Open Source E-COM Platforms like prestashop,magneto
  • Generation of Digitally Signed PDF Invoices From Tally & e-mailing in real Time
  • Goods dispatched LR Number and Date , courier details updated in Tally
  • Automatic SMS and email from Excel
  • Master & transactions from one company into multiple companies.
  • Integration Solutions required to be deployed on non-windows Operating Systems like linux,Mac OS X,Solaris etc.
  • Excel file is emailed and converted to Sales Order
  • Principal places Purchase Order that is converted to Sales Order at partner
  • Auto generation of PO from SO (Back to Back)
  • Auto generation Monthly bill & mailing to customers