With increasing adoption of cloud in business environments, Tally has introduced the Tally Virtual User Licence that allows authorised access and support under the Tally Virtual User Pack. This product applies to both existing Tally virtual users (Tally on cloud users, RDP, Citrix users and similar technologies) as well as customers looking to be Tally virtual users.

According to this policy, a few user packs are being given to customers for free. Depending upon the version and the product of Tally being used. Any number of users exceeding this figure will have to pay and buy Tally Virtual User packs.

According to the product, a Tally customer using:

  • Tally ERP 9 Single user, gets 1 free TVU
  • Tally ERP 9 Multi-user gets 10 free TVU pack
  • Tally Server 9 user gets 20 free TVU pack

Tally Virtual User (TVU) License

A Tally Virtual user with a Multi-user licence using Tally Server 9 gets a total of 10 + 20 free TVU pack.

**Currently, a cost of Rs. 120 per month billed yearly will be applicable for an additional user (additional user means a user that does not fall in any of the categories mentioned above). These prices can be changed by Tally solutions as per their policy

Important : All Tally users using RDP and similar technologies will have to have a Tally Virtual Licence (over and above the default entitlement) from 30th April 2021 onwards, failing which they may not be able to use the RDP and similar technology services.

How do I calculate how many Tally Virtual Packs I need?

You need to buy Tall Virtual User packs that are equal to the number of Tally you open in your organisation. Tally Prime Users can open as many tally sessions as required but will be counted as 1 TVU for one User, for example, if a Tally user opens 3 sessions each, and we have 3 users connected . In TallyPrime only 3 TVU Lic will be required.

For example:-

Case 1 : Company A uses Tally. ERP 9 Gold in a virtual environment, with 4 users using Tally. This company will be entitled to 10 free TVUs. It need not purchase any TVUs, but will still have to get its licence registered under Tally virtual Licence. Thus, the company should contact its service provider for the same.

Case 2 : Company A uses Tally.ERP 9 Gold or Multi-user, and has 10 people working on Tally from 10 different locations, every user opens at least 2 Tally simultaneously. This company will have to purchase a 20 Tally Virtual User pack.
Since, for a Tally.ERP 9 Gold, Company A is entitled to get a 10 TVU Pack for free, and it will have to only pay and buy 10 TVU Packs.

Case 3 : Company A uses Tally Server 9 in a virtual environment with 23 users using Tally simultaneously. Now, according to the entitlement policy, every Tally Server 9 gets a 30 TVU pack (Tally Server 9 + Tally.ERP 9 Gold TVU pack). Thus, for the 23 users, Company A does not need to buy any additional TVU packs.

Buy Tally on Cloud

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