The TallyPrime server, the successor of the much-successful Tally Server 9, is an enterprise-class product that provides the users of TallyPrime Gold with remarkable control over their evolving business requirements. Besides enhancing the speed of data access, the Tally server software allows concurrent data access by converting the peer-to-peer data access to server-based data management. It is a powerful data server that offers greater concurrency, securer data access, and more advanced monitoring. It is a true enterprise-class product that can be instrumental for fast-growing medium and large businesses, enabling them to improve their operational efficiencies.

The Tally Server 9, on the other hand, installs a server component that offers dedicated access to the data of Tally accounting software. In addition to supporting concurrent usage by multiple users, Tally Server 9 also provides a highly secure environment for storing and managing critical data. That’s the reason why Tally Server 9 is preferred by various medium to large businesses that need to have multiple individuals simultaneously performing different activities. Providing advanced monitoring and administrative controls through its unique Monitor feature that acts as a remote control for the data server, the Tally Server 9 helps businesses to authorize or restrict a user’s access to features as per its requirements.

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Why Choose Tally Server Software?

High Concurrency

Allowing businesses to perform their operations in a seamless environment, the Tally server software allows multiple users to simultaneously perform an array of tasks such as loading companies, saving transactions, exporting and printing reports, importing and backing up data, and various other data-related tasks without facing any downtime, which results in maximum utilization of man-hours, while enabling the users to seamlessly work on the same data source.

High Security

The Tally server software enables businesses to have complete control over the accessibility of their data. When a business’ data files are stored and managed through the Tally server software, there is no need to establish the location of data on the server, as the data server’s name is enough to access and operate the Tally accounting software. The Tally server software also gives businesses complete control over aspects such as data backup and restore.

High Reliability

Choosing the Tally server software helps businesses to minimize the instances of system unavailability, providing them with uninterrupted accessibility of data, which, in turn, allows them to continuously record all business transactions, view reports and take backup, without having to make any compromises on speed or accuracy. The Tally server software also helps businesses to limit discrepancies, thereby improving productivity and business efficiency.

Process Optimization

Thanks to comprehensive monitoring capability, the Tally server software can go a long way in increasing a business’ productivity and efficiency. The monitoring capability enables businesses to manage active user sessions, and keep a close check on key aspects such as the logged-in users and the current activities. In addition, the Tally server software gives businesses comprehensive capability for tracking and monitoring user sessions and activities, and even allows them to disconnect selected users, if needed. All in all, it helps businesses to optimize their processes or system usage in order to enhance productivity.

Benefits of Tally Server Software

  • Allows all users to work faster without interfering in each other’s data access.
  • Gives businesses complete control over the visibility and accessibility of data.
  • Helps minimize the risks of unauthorized access and misuse of data.
  • Maintains high levels of data consistency even in intense environments.
  • Low maintenance and cost of ownership with high operational efficiency.

The key highlights of Tally.Server 9 are:

Performing operations in a frictionless environment
Tally.Server 9 enables multiple users to perform multiple actions, all at the same time. Two or more users can execute their tasks efficiently without any time lag. A user can view a report while another user makes changes to the same report at the same. Data is real-time, consistent, and accurate

Providing controlled access to data files
When data files are managed through Tally.Server 9, the location of the data on the server are not required. The name of the data server is sufficient to access and operate Tally.ERP 9. Operations over the company data like backup and restore are controlled with server level permissions available with authorization only.

Minimizing instances of system unavailability

  • Tally.Server 9 assures zero downtime. Continue recording transactions or viewing reports while taking backup with no compromise on speed of access or accuracy.
  • Tally.Server 9 limits discrepancies at the client end to the client systems and ensures that neither data on the server nor the operations of other users get impacted. Thus, minimizing system unavailability.

Analysing system usage and user activities to optimize the various processes and time spent on them
Authorized users can manage the user sessions such as who is logged in and activities in progress. Also analyse work patterns and disconnect users, if required, to optimize processes or system usage for enhanced productivity.Administrators can monitor and track user activity and are able to view real-time information on usage patterns.

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