Document Management Software

Simplify Voucher Attachments with Logictech's Tally Add-On

Legacy document management approaches can hinder operational efficiency and introduce risks in voucher attachments. Logictech's Document Management Software, a robust Tally Add-On, revolutionizes document handling within TallyPrime. Streamline the attachment, retrieval, and organization of essential documents, leveraging the power of our comprehensive solution.

Tally Add Ons

Efficient Document Attachment in TallyPrime

Logictech's Tally Add-On simplifies the process of attaching documents to vouchers in TallyPrime. With features like Tally Prime document attachment, document attachment in Tally, and document attachment in TallyPrime, easily attach supporting proof documents such as purchase invoices directly to the relevant vouchers. This feature offers the following benefits:

  • Easy Tracking and Auditing: Attach supporting documents to vouchers for convenient tracking and auditing purposes.
  • Reduced File Work:Utilize the search facility within the solution to swiftly locate attached documents, facilitating efficient document management.
  • Quick Document Search:Automate routine tasks, reminders, and predefined workflows through WhatsApp, streamlining business processes and enhancing productivity.
  • Proactive Document Management:Identify missing documents and take proactive steps to ensure complete documentation and compliance.
  • Time Savings:Save time spent on manual document management tasks and easily retrieve documents when needed.
  • Hassle-Free Process:Streamline document management within the company, minimizing worries about document loss and ensuring a smooth workflow.

Why Choose Logictech as Your Implementation Partner?

Logictech specializes in empowering businesses with Tally solutions. As your trusted implementation partner, we offer expert guidance, customized training, and ongoing support to ensure a seamless integration of our Tally Add-On for Attached Proof Documents in Vouchers. Choose Logictech to harness the full potential of document management within TallyPrime.

Unlock the Power of Streamlined Document Management

Simplify voucher attachments and enhance document management efficiency with Logictech's Document Management Software. Experience the benefits of Tally Prime document attachment, Tally document management system, and document attachment in TallyPrime. Streamline operations, improve collaboration, and ensure regulatory compliance. Contact us now to optimize your document handling within TallyPrime.


  1. Can I attach supporting proof documents, such as purchase invoices, directly to vouchers in TallyPrime using Logictech's Document Management Software?
    Yes, with Logictech's Document Management Software, you can easily attach supporting proof documents to vouchers within TallyPrime. This feature allows for seamless tracking, auditing, and easy retrieval of relevant documents directly within the voucher.
  2. How does attaching documents to vouchers in TallyPrime benefit my business?
    Attaching documents to vouchers in TallyPrime offers several benefits. It simplifies document tracking and auditing, reduces file work, enables quick document search and retrieval, helps in identifying missing documents, saves time, and ensures a hassle-free process around document management within your company.
  3. Can I search for attached documents within TallyPrime using Logictech's Document Management Software?
    Absolutely! Logictech's Document Management Software provides a search facility within TallyPrime, allowing you to search for attached documents quickly and efficiently. This feature saves time and helps in locating documents for easy management and access.
  4. Is it possible to maintain electronic records of physical documents using Logictech's Document Management Software?
    Yes, Logictech's Document Management Software enables you to maintain electronic records of physical documents. By attaching and organizing these documents within TallyPrime, you can reduce the need for extensive manual filing and securely store all relevant information electronically.
  5. How does Logictech's Document Management Software ensure compliance and minimize worries about document loss?
    Logictech's Document Management Software helps ensure compliance by facilitating complete documentation and easy auditing within TallyPrime. By streamlining the document management process, it minimizes worries about document loss, provides a comprehensive audit trail, and supports a hassle-free workflow.