When looking for an ERP that talks to Tally, BizNEXT may be just what you need. BizNEXT is a cost-effective ERP add-on to Tally which covers functions such as Procurement, Sales & Distribution, Stores & Inventory management, Production with WIP, Job work, Material requirement planning, CRM, Fixed Assets, and Payroll.

Enterprise ERP Software for Simplified Processes

BizNEXT is meticulously designed ERP software for small, medium, and large enterprises to simplify and streamline complex business operations. Our ERP software is fully scalable, customizable, and designed to cater specific enterprise management needs of SMEs, making it one of the leading ERP solutions for any mid-sized business in India.


Multi-Functional ERP Business Management Software

Our Enterprise ERP software handles Procurement management, Sales Order & Dispatch Management, Inventory Management, Production/Operation Management (Multi Stage), Job work Management, Material Requirement Planning, QC & QA Management, Salary & Wages Management, Customer Relationship Management, Fixed Assets solutions, Plant Maintenance Management. Available as an unlimited user license, the Tally business solution enables the whole organization in getting equipped to run the business smoothly.

Why Choose BizNEXT ERP Software

BizNEXT is a comprehensive business solution, eliminating the shortcomings associated with small ERPs like Tally and big ERPs like SAP and Navison. It is a flexible solution that can customized and configured to meet your specific needs.

ProblemSmall ERPBig ERP
Filling the Gap1. Can be used at the initial level of company set up
2. Not scalable as per business growth of an organization needs
1. Difficult to afford & manage in the initial start up level
2. Change of ERP is difficult once installed as per changing business environment
Control, Audit & ManageMissing internal Controls and Process ManagementComplicate to develop, difficult and expensive to modify such controls & audits
AccessibilityWindow based or partially on cloud restrict on the go mobile access100% on cloud, but a lot of modules are still not available on mobile and cost of adoption is high
Ease of UsageEasy to operate but cannot handle complex business transaction1. Set up and configuration requires highly skilled resources and longer duration
2. Difficult to operate and need special training
3. Difficult to switch business functions across users
RobustnessProne to failure due to use flat file OR small databases for data storage and too much dependency on machineRobust but need bigger IT infrastructure and human resources
AdaptabilityQuick adaptability but cannot manage different business scenariosDifficult to adapt due to rigidity and complexity

The Logictech Edge

Logictech leverages 30+ years of experience and expertise to help you automate and grow your business using the best in breed software products & solutions that are designed to suit the changing needs of your business. If you are confused about choosing the right software for your business, our software experts work with you, systematically, to understand your business challenges and design solutions to help you succeed, including BizNEXT, the best ERP solution for Tally.

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