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Eazy ERP

Our 20+ years of experience and expertise help you automate and grow your business using the best in breed software products & solutions that are designed to suit the changing needs of your business.

If you are confused about choosing the right software for your business, let us help you. Our software experts work with you, systematically, to understand your business challenges and design solutions to help you succeed. It is meticulously designed ERP software for SME to simplify and streamline complex business operations. Our ERP software is fully scalable and customizable designed to cater specific enterprise management needs of SMEs making it one of the leading ERP solutions for any mid-sized business in India. If you're looking for an ERP that talks to Tally then look no further. Our ERP software is a cost-effective ERP add-on to Tally. Available as an unlimited user license it enables the whole organization in getting equipped to run the business smoothly.

Our ERP handles Procurement management, Sales Order & Dispatch Management, Inventory management, Production / operation Management (Multi Stage), Job work Management, Material Requirement Planning, QC & QA Management, Salary & Wages Management, Customer Relationship Management, Fixed Assets solutions, Plant Maintenance Management


  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Store
  • Quality
  • Tally Integration
  • Add-on-Modules:- Bar Code | Fixed Asset | CRM
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Store
  • MRP
  • Production
  • Job Work – Outsource
  • Job Work – In-source
  • Quality
  • Tally Integration
  • Add-on-Modules:- Bar Code | Fixed Asset | CRM | Plant Maintenance | Web Report | Mobile App
  • Professional Edition of ERP Software – Features & Functionality
  • Multiple Store
  • Multiple UOM (Order UOM, Stock Keeping (UOM) & Conversion.
  • Landed Cost Calculation & Inventory Valuation
  • Physical Stock Verification & Adjustment
  • Multi Currency
  • Open PO (Rate Agreement) + Schedule against Open PO
  • Purchase Order, Unlimited PO Amendment & tracking
  • Multiple PO Type – Import PO / Domestic PO - RM (input) / Domestic PO - Other items
  • PO features: PO Validity, Bill To, Ship To, PO Copy, Tolerance Limit define Item wise / PO wise, Item wise Discount, Vendor wise Item rate list etc.
  • User define - Terms & Conditions, Tax template & Other detail (UDF)
  • Sales Order Tracking – Item wise / Customer / City / State / Country / SO No wise / Period wise / Product Type / Brand wise / Pack Type wise / Pack Size
  • Post Transaction Detail (Domestic Port Arrival Date, POD No etc.)
  • Advance Material Requirement Planning & Automatic Indent generation
  • Auto Debit Note – Short material received / excess rate charge
  • Purchase Return and Sales Return Process
  • Customer Location, customer wise Item price list and Customer wise Discount
  • Rate Agreement (Open SO) and respective delivery schedule
  • User Define fields in Sales Order and USD fields carry forward up to Sales Invoice
  • Returnable Gate Pass, Non-returnable Gate pass, RGP In-source
  • Material Inspection – Inward, WIP, FG & PDI
  • Inspection Parameter wise
  • Inspection Multiple rejections
  • Inspection report (QC & QA)
  • Multi level BOM Creation (Standard Material consumption, define Scrap / wastage, Burning / shrinkage, Other overheads, Substitute items).
  • User Define Production Stages.
  • Production – Machine wise / Shift wise / operator wise.
  • Batch Number, Serial Number and Lot traceability
  • Repacking & Re-processing of material
  • Fit for Make-to-Order (MTO) and Make-to-Stock (MTS)
  • Job Work Register
  • Job Work Status – Item wise / Vendor wise / Order wise
  • Job Work Reconciliation
  • Job Work – Material, Labor
  • Job Work – Outsource & In source