Top 10 Tally Prime Features

The ‘Go To’ search bar is made available at the top of Tally Prime screen. You can easily access any part of Tally by typing in the search bar. You can access 90% of the options with it. Thus, it makes Tally more suitable for Business owners.

  • When the password for two different companies is the same, Tally allows you to enter the other company without having to enter the password again.
  • Tally Prime allows you to create a new state while filling the details of an entry.
  • To smoothly navigate through Tally, you had to know some important shortcuts, but now those are not needed. For example, ALT + C is used to create a new ledger. But since this option is readily available on the screen, one doesn’t need to know the shortcut.

Optimize your invoice and remove all unwanted space - an excellent feature for retailers, distributors and any other business that creates one invoice for multiple items.

Access all masters, including ledgers, voucher types, cost centres, etc. from the ‘Chart of Accounts’ option.

Some fields in Tally need to be used every time an entry is made while many others are rarely used. Keeping this in mind, Tally Prime allows setting a few fields as ‘Permanent’ so that you do not have to go through irrelevant fields unnecessarily. Thus saves your time.

In any voucher, the Change Mode gives you 3 options namely - ‘Item Invoice’, ‘Accounting invoice’ and ‘As invoice’. Thus you can easily navigate through them.

Admin has the right to stop a user session. This option is made available in the Browser access. Admin can disconnect a user session even in the case of remote access.

The F1 Help section now provides you with a lot of information including Tally product information, Tally license information, information about the Tally data, Tally connectivity information and computer system-related information. This makes Tally support an easier process.

If you want to update or create a new folder, Tally will automatically check and try to detect an old file and update it. Thus you will not need to enter the configuration, define the path, TDLs, etc.

You can easily access the error messages and other details from the Help Menu. Earlier this was available at the bottom of Tally screen. Thus now you get a more clutter-free screen.