Apply Multi Types of Discounts In a Single Invoice

In normal business practice number of different types of Discounts are given in a single Invoice , it could be Quantity Wise discount, percentage based discount, amount based discount ,cash discount etc.
  • Sales voucher type wise Multi discounts can be configured
  • Define the caption of the discount accordingly in voucher type.
  • Different voucher types can have different types of discounts & captions
  • Discounts can printed on the invoices also.
  • User can define up-to 3 level Discount.
  • The users will be able to select item discount value per unit column in Invoice. Tally.ERP 9 allows you to give discount at item level only on percentage basis; with this add-on you can choose to give a discount on value basis in the same invoice. You decide, at the time you bill an item, which type of discount you would like to provide.
  • This will help the user to define the discount in value per unit you need not to define %age and if you want to then you can define the discount in %ages also.
Multi Discount